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Wahida: One lady and three duties

  • 2021-03-08
Wahida: One lady and three duties
Wahida Khudeda, 38, mother of 6, opened a small tailor tent-shop in Sharia camp for Ezidi IDPs in Duhok.
Ammar Aziz, Duhok

In one time, I have three main duties: I do all house cleaning and cooking, a mother for six-children and also a tailor in a small shop.

My name is Wahida Khudeda,38. I am originally from Sinuny subdistrict of Shingal district, hometown of Ezidi religious minority, but I live here in Sharia camp for Ezidi Internally Displaced People IDPs for seven years.

Close to ourtent, I have arranged a small place for tailoring in the past two years in order to help my family because my husband is jobless and stays at home all the day. Everyday, I am making lots of things but for a small amount of money.

Notwithstanding all of that, I am satisfied. The 5-10 thousand Iraqi Dinars IQD I make (USD4-8) covers parts of our basic needs.

In the international day of women, I want complain to women organizations whom make big money to support women while here I am in need for a sewing machine and a bit bigger space for the shop. This is my only demand yet so far no one responded.

I myself help people a lot because for poor people 1,000 Iraqi Dinar is as valuable as $100. They can not spend lots of money to buy clothes so I charge only 2-3 thousand IQD for tailoring a piece.


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