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111-years-old palace of Salih Mali

  • 2021-03-13
111-years-old palace of Salih Mali
This 111-years-old house in Kirkuk is currently used by the fourth generation. Photo by KirkukNow.

My Name is Shaho Salah. I am 33 but the house I live in is 111-years-old inherited from our grandfathers.

It is located in Imam Qasim neighborhood in Kirkuk, close to Kirkuk citadel. At that time, it was the highest in the area so it was named the palace of Salih Mali.

It has taken nine months to build the house with its detailed decoration and ornaments. It was designed by a Turkmen master called Ali Naqash derived from Otoman palace design and architecture.

The ground floor is composed of a living room and two bedrooms and the first floor is only two rooms. The basement was used during the reign of Ba’th party regime to hide from mass arrest campaigns.

Most of the furniture also are dated back to that time like a blue glass corner, glass vase and ornamented glass food dishes.

The house has been used by three generations and I am from the fourth generation. Unless death or harsh conditions out of our control, otherwise we are not ready to give up this house.


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