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Firas the talented barber

  • 2021-04-03
Firas the talented barber
Sha'lan Hayali, Nineveh
Sha'lan Hayali, Nineveh

My Name is Ibrahim Firas, 20, from Mosul. I was fond of hairdressing from since I was a little boy. I have thought I am talented in the branch of art.

I have worked in several barber shops and gradually learned the secrets of this profession with big support from my family and friends.

I have also attended several courses for hairdressing, developing my skills and learning new styles of haircut.

I have opened a shop in Mosul and bought some new tools and requirements of the business.

I have successfully attracted the young people by the new and unique haircuts I brought for people of Mosul by making photos and shapes.

I do advise young people to develop their skills and talents by participating in training courses to develop it and turn it into profession and business through which they can make their living.


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