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Dilan depicts the misery life of poor people through oil barrels

  • 2020-05-02
Dilan depicts the misery life of poor people through oil barrels
Kirkuk, Dilan Abidin exhibits his art work in an impoverished neighborhood, April 24 2020. Photo: Goran Baban 
Goran Baban- Kirkuk

My name is Dilan Abidin. I live in Asraw-Mafqudin neighborhood. 

I have committed myself to an artistic work in the last four months. It is a sarcastic art using oil barrels to deliver its message. 

I have put three oil barrels on top of each other, depicting that oil value is worth more than human value.

I have painted the barrels with pictures of planes, soldiers, tanks, showing that some are successful but the other have failed.

It depicts that the fight is for the oil- only its smoke is for the people of Kirkuk. The oil has negative environmental effects on the weather of my city, too.

My message is that the fate of people is bounded to the oil. Countries fight for it. The oil causes destruction and displacement.

My art is not for the elite. This is the reason I did not exhibit it in a gallery. It is rather for the poor people of Kirkuk and I exhibited it in a poor neighborhood of the city.

I perceive that my work has intergraded with people, integrating with the pain and the misery of the workers, artists, poor, and even the rich people. Everyone understands it.


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