12 killed in two attacks by ISIS in disputed territories
12 killed in two attacks by ISIS in disputed territories






Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive‌


Massive dust storm in disputed territories
Massive dust storm in disputed territories‌


Kirkuk public signs to be replaced in four native languages Death sentence for Kirkuk couple murderers Lawmaker and local authorities cooperate to investigate Khanaqin deforestation Kirkuk Health: 700 lives rescued from suffocation IDP father and son die same day of heart attack


Displacement fatigued Zainab yet could not discourage her Zhinwar choked to death with wire of hair dryer Gir Ouzer, Shingal: Three local administrations, no management West Ninewa: Calls for coexistence, provision of services Teacher "proven innocent" of sexual charges


Green Mosul: short tweet turned into a real project Shingal (Sinjar): temporary ceasefire following fierce clashes Shingalis call for pacification following prisoner swap Minorities oppose multi-constituency for Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Elections Charshama Sur (Red Wednesday): Sacred Day


Red Wednesday at Lalish Christian community celebrate Assyrian Babylonian new year Akitu The criteria for and how to get Covid-19 vaccine Daquq: machinery used in harvest for the first time Kirkuk drowning in litter

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