Why 9-year-old Zuber was killed?
Why 9-year-old Zuber was killed?






Have you heard about Mandaeans?‌


Christmass Mass in Kirkuk
Christmass Mass in Kirkuk‌


Kojo village to be turned into memorial site
A new village to be built upon
Kirkuk: shorter private power supply for higher costs Kirkuk oil exports dropped to 3 M barrels in March Kurds oppose acting governor's plan to share Kirkuk admin positions Over half a billion for Nineveh hospitals in 2021 budget


Street begging in Kirkuk
People unable to tell professional beggars from real beggars
Pro-PKK forces insist to stay in Shingal despite deadline Suicide crossed minds of 1/5 of Ezidi IDPs, poll shows Kurds of Mosul nostalgic for home Weekend curfew makes life harder for daily-paid masons


Mazin Saleem: No education, no work, no ID! Al-Aqisar: A church older than Islam in Karbala Shiite holly city forgotten Mistaken stereotypes and misconceptions distort Mandaeism "Our Lady of Salvation" Syro-Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad: Commemoration of 2010 prayer victims Al-Qush: Home of religions


Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Fryal and her sister took advantages of their free times during the lockdown to paint their Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations Who are the the Zoroastrians, and how many times they pray a day? KirkukNow proudly published its first booklet "Kaka'is in the Time of Corona"

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Kameran defies war and destruction by books Mother Gully: The woman who stood in face of ISIS Mustafa prefers writing to banking Ekhlas Khudur: from ISIS slavery to Ambassador of Hope As volunteer, I faced society’s criticism, Coronavirus dangers: Dalia al-Ma’mari

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Azad preserves culture, heritage and history of Shingal Basement turned into antique house Firas the talented barber Sheikh Mirza Khatari conveys peace message all over war-torn Nineveh The chair of Muwafaq the barber has turned 58
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