Ezidi nominate disqualified, appeal electoral order
Ezidi nominate disqualified, appeal electoral order






Mu'taz sells water in a Kirkuk street on International Children's Day‌


Kirkuki children work even on International Children’s Day
Kirkuki children work even on International Children’s Day‌


Daesh remnants force 6 villages of Daquq to evacuate 5-member band captured for abduction a woman One third of Shingal palm trees dried & uprooted Death penalty for killers of Kirkuk policeman Director of Nineveh sports & youth found dead


Fire devour 3 people & 150 donums of crops west of Kirkuk Turkmen & Arabs in Kirkuk: Kurds took over Electoral Commission 187 families displaced, $0.5 million losses by camp fire Jumaili fights flames of blown up oil wells Hasan Toran, ITF: coexistence not embodied into agreement


Al-Hol returnees to Al-Jad'a camp: welcomed or rejected? Orchards of Pomegranate in Shahraban, an icon overlooked Ezidis furious at empty promises to uncover fate of their missing Kurdish Gov’t missing in action
Hectares of Christian land swallowed up by trespassers
Alwand river insufficient to water Khanaqin


Christmass Mass in Kirkuk Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Fryal and her sister took advantages of their free times during the lockdown to paint their Who are the Baha'is? What do you know about Ezidis?

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Shukria’s strong will behind her degree Ali Mikhebir Rebuilds his marginalized village by hope Kameran defies war and destruction by books Mother Gully: The woman who stood in face of ISIS Mustafa prefers writing to banking

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Ghanim Hanna: Carpenter for 70 years Asil al-Yasiri: Not only men can run restaurants Basim Hanna keeps the time running Amir brings back smile to IDP kids by portraying them for free Sculptor Talal al-Safawi: Art in Mosul gets sick yet never dies
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