Shingal (Sinjar): Iraqi army detains a TV crew for three hours
Shingal (Sinjar): Iraqi army detains a TV crew for three hours






Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive‌


Ashura in Kirkuk and Khanaqin
Ashura in Kirkuk and Khanaqin‌


Kirkuk doubles crude oil exports and revenues during September Wasfi Al-Assi appointed Emir of Al-Obaid tribe Kirkuk's warehouses full of kerosene yet no date set distribution Settlement of employment cases of Kirkuk suspended 50 shops and Kiosks to be demolished in Kirkuk


Renovated streets of Mosul full of ups and downs For lack of documents, 5,000 houses in Khanaqin miss basic services Three stories from Hawija: end of displacement and beginning new life Lack of identity closed school doors in face of IDP kid Kirkuki lady made it to Swedish Parliament for third time


Syriac education vanishing in Iraq No Christians left in IDP camp Displaced slam at Baghdad for useless food boxes Puzzle of Mosul airport renovation to be solved in August Struggle between ex-militiaman lawmaker and Ninewa governor deepens


Massive dust storm in disputed territories Red Wednesday at Lalish Christian community celebrate Assyrian Babylonian new year Akitu Daquq: machinery used in harvest for the first time Kirkuk drowning in litter

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Mohammed and his dreams chase each other Amira Shingali: savior of Ezidis Noor: the lady sees media by heart Marwa Kakai: women power in agricultural project Mahiya revives homemade Moslawi cuisine

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Hussein turns bullet casings into paintings calling for peace Khalida: I turned surroundings of my caravan into a garden "My job is to erase ISIS ideology", Fakher Khalaf Knitting not just for women, multi-talented young man Abu Muhannad; Oldest fisherman in Mosul
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