Arab and Turkmen MPs of Kirkuk call for postponing elections a week
Arab and Turkmen MPs of Kirkuk call for postponing elections a week






Mu'taz sells water in a Kirkuk street on International Children's Day‌


Miss Iraq 2021 is back to her hometown
Miss Iraq 2021 is back to her hometown‌


Local police in charge of 2 electoral districts of Kirkuk 4 policemen killed southwest of Kirkuk 4 killed, 8 injured southwest of Mosul 4 people dead in 3 traffic accidents Shingal mass grave flattened to car park awaits Baghdad


4 ISIS militants down in retaliation by ISF My name is my mother’s, campaign for thousands of children Malodor spreads over Kirkuk air at night Despite the baking summer sun, IDP kids play on sand, sunk in dust Power and water outage amid Kadhimi’s trip to war-torn Mosul


Ezidis disappointed for nonfulfillment of women survivors’ law Security checkpoints give Shingal farmers hard time Mosulis await reconstruction of Nabi Yunus Mosque The day al-Baghdadi declared his caliphate
Imam of Mosul’s al-Nuri mosque recalls what he witnessed on that
Iraq: unlawful & arbitrary killings, harsh & life-threatening prison, serious restrictions on free expression


Kirkuki children work even on International Children’s Day Christmass Mass in Kirkuk Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Who are the Baha'is? What do you know about Ezidis?

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