Covid shuts school and classes in Kirkuk
Covid shuts school and classes in Kirkuk






Mu'taz sells water in a Kirkuk street on International Children's Day‌


Orange balloons by women activists cover the sky of Kirkuk
Orange balloons by women activists cover the sky of Kirkuk‌


Student commits suicide as third round exams suspended 5 Peshemrga killed, 4 injured by ISIL northeast Baghdad Ministry of health to investigate death of student post Covid vaccination People pay for taxes imposed by government on private power generators Sualymaniyah: Senior police officer killed as PUK internal dispute escalates


Kirkuk farmers upset as cost of chemicals and seeds double Sargaran farmers live in unrest Tutors and parents prefer full class education to distance teaching Students of Sinjar seek Covid vaccine Kirkuk looser candidates likely to occupy vacant parliamentary seats


Jilan, symbol of confrontation with ISIS Education in mother tongue diminishing in Khanaqin Actually it was October 12 not 16 IDPs fear votes will not count Christians desire to pass key role players


Miss Iraq 2021 is back to her hometown Kirkuki children work even on International Children’s Day Christmass Mass in Kirkuk Who are the Baha'is? What do you know about Ezidis?

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