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Lizan Kakai: Beekeeping is a delicate process

  • 2021-09-15
Lizan Kakai: Beekeeping is a delicate process
Kirkuk, August 2021- Lizan Assi Kakai is holding a hive of the honey bees he is keeping Daquq district south of Kirkuk. Mohammed Amass
By Mohammed Almas in Kirkuk

I am Lizan Assi Kakai, beekeeper over the last eight years in my bee yard in the village of Rizgari of Daquq district, southwest of Kirkuk.

The process of beekeeping (apiculture) for collecting honey is a delicate process which requires special tools such protective all over, head cover, hand gloves and smoker used to calm bees down.

The honeybee hives should be kept in a bee yard away from houses, kids and lights at night. It should be definitely away from animals since its odor annoys bees.

The process of honey production is composed of four stages: spray smoke into the bee yard in order to anesthetize the bees and bring out the hives to the sorting machine which extracts the pure honey then pour it into dishes or pots in order to be ready for selling.

I produce over 100 kilograms a year. There is a high demand on my honey since our village is reputable for producing honey, a village where water boosts agriculture.


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