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The sole sister sells sweets

  • 2021-09-21
The sole sister sells sweets
Ninewa, 2021- Jilan Khalaf, 24, has set up a small shop for sandwiches and confectionery in Sinuni sub-district of Shingal. Photo shared by Khalaf
By Ammar Aziz

My name is Jilan Khalaf, 24, and I have opened my own sweets shop five months ago in Sinuni sub-district of Shingal district of Ninewa province.

We were an impoverished family and could not get a degree because I quit when I was 12.

I have seven brothers and no sister. Some of them are younger than me and can’t work while those older than me work and we all together with our father make our table home.

I have worked for three years in sweets shop so when I learned I have decided to have my own sister with a partner.

We have rented a store for one million Iraqi Dinar IQD ($675).

We offer sweets such as cake, home made biscuits beside Pizza and burger.

We prepare sweets based on orders of customers especially for birthdays. WE make 15-20 IQD profit a day.

We plan to further develop our business especially we receive aid from the government or NGOs, we can enlarge our business.


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