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Hayam quit school for breadwinning

  • 2021-10-03
Hayam quit school for breadwinning
Duhok, September 2021- Hayam Khalil was displaced from Shingal in 2014 into Sharia settlement in Duhok where she currently runs a restaurant. Ammar Aziz
By Ammar Aziz

My name is Hayam Khalil Micho, 20, and I am living in Sharia settlement in Duhok (Northern Province) where I currently run a small fast food.

We used to live in Gir Ouzer sub-district of Shingal district, west of Ninewa on the border with Syria.

We fled our home town in 2014 due to Daesh attacks. Then I was in class five and had to quit school for ever.

We have been through tough conditions. I have six brothers and one sister which passed away because of a fire incident in the Sharia settlement.

I could not sit helpless so I did my best to join a civil society NGO but in vain thus I was obliged to work in a small restaurant in 2018 where we sell sandwiches and our main dish is rice and stew.

The owner lives abroad so I work for him in return of 350,000 Iraqi Dinars ($230) a month with another colleague.

We sell 200-300 sandwiches a day, meat for 750 IQD ($0.5) and Falafel for 500IQD to our customers, mainly IDPs and the impoverished.


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