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Waleed’s business is up when temperature is down

  • 2021-12-25
Waleed’s business is up when temperature is down
Ninewa, December 2021- Walid Chamoun has been working for 20 years in the repair of kerosene heaters. Ammar Aziz
By Ammar Aziz in Ninawa

My profession depends on the coming winter and the cold weather, the colder the weather, the more my business flourishes.

My name is Walid Chamoun, I am 55 years old, I live in Talsquf s buy my shop is in Al-Qush sub-district in the Ninewa Plain. I have been working for more than 20 years repairing kerosene heaters.

People only remember me when it's cold, they come to fix the heaters and change the wicks. At present, I repair between 15 to 20 heaters per day, some of it takes only 10 minutes to repair, and others require more than half an hour.

There are two other people doing the same profession as me in Al-Qush, but I am the oldest among them.

I am a father of six children. This shop is my source of my income. I earn 20 ($12) to 25 thousand Iraqi Dinars daily; I don't stop working in the summer, but then I fix gas cookers, fans and water pumps.

I did not inherit this profession from anyone, my passion and integrity at work, and my good dealings with everyone regardless of their religious affiliations, whether they are Christians, Muslims or Yazidis, makes them accept my locality.


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