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Esraa; Champion with 23 gold medals

  • 2022-01-02
Esraa; Champion with 23 gold medals
Esraa Mohsen, 21, has represented Erbil Sports Club and the Iraqi national team in the sport of weightlifting

My name is Esraa Mohsen. I am 21-years-old, and reside Erbil with my two sisters, Enas and Oshin. I practice weightlifting, one of our favorite sports.

So far, I have participated in dozens of local and international tournaments and earned 23 gold medals.

The last three medals I won last week as part of my participation in the Arab Weightlifting Championship, which was held in Shaqlawa, Erbil with the participation of 13 countries and 200 male and female athletes. I was representing Iraq in the championship.

I was only 11 years old when I started practicing this sport, and my father is the secret of my success with my sisters.

Our father has been training us for 11 years but unfortunately, he was not with us when I became a champion. He passed away three months ago of Corona virus. He was a great support and motivator for us.

When you get your father's support, people's gossip will not discourage you.

In the last tournament I was able to lift 70 kilograms kg, so I won 3 gold medals. My two sisters practice the same sport and they also won a number of gold medals.


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