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Amir loves to draw influential characters

  • 2022-05-07
Amir loves to draw influential characters
Ninewa, April 2022: Amir with his painting in which he drew the head of the Counter Terrorism Units CTU, Abdul Wahab Al-Saadi
By KirkukNow in Ninewa

My name is Amir Emad Wais, from Tal Afar district, Ninewa province. I was born in 2003, and now student of grade 12, final year of high school. I draw with wood colors and charcoal pencil. I discovered this talent by chance.

In my paintings, I focus on drawing national symbols, especially those who sacrificed their lives from the homeland and the social figures who left an influential imprint on society: Safaa Al-Saray, Samir Sobeih, Yasser Al-Jourani, Abdel Wahab Al-Saadi. I try to balance my studies with my talent in drawing.

Sometimes I can't find drawing papers, so I have to draw with striped paper. I ask for support from my friends and those around me.

Unfortunately, there are no bodies that support art in Tal Afar, with many young talents present, who could be at a higher level if they would have been supported and matured.

I hope that interest in the subject of art education in schools and that the Ministry of Education reactivate the role of drawing workshops at schools.

Drawing is a message of peace and love, and through it we can express our feelings and love for others and the country.


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