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Rayhanna’s flowers spread peace and love in Mosul

  • 2019-05-08
Rayhanna’s flowers spread peace and love in Mosul

My name is Danya, known as Rayhanna among my relatives and close friends. I was born in Mosul in 1995.

I graduated from Mosul University’s college of agriculture. Soon after my graduation, I opened a flower shop in Mosul’s Cultural Compound.

After I gave up on getting a government job, I decided to start my own business with the support of my mother.

My goal is spreading love everywhere in the city which endured three years of war and pain.

Many of the customers buy flowers for their loved ones. One time a man came and asked “Can I have a flower for my flower?”, referring to the woman he came with. I gave him a bouquet and he went on his knees and presented it to the woman. It was a wonderful moment.

I urge all women and girls to work and depend on themselves. I hope I can help promote the culture of peace and love instead of war.


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