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Suzan harnesses her talent to emulate heritage of Nineveh Plains

  • 2023-07-29
Suzan harnesses her talent to emulate heritage of Nineveh Plains
Suzan Aboush is busy embroidering, Nineveh, 2023. KirkukNow
By Ammar Aziz

My name is Susan Fadhil Aboush. I live in Qaraqosh in the Nineveh Plains. I am a mother of six children. I have been practicing for years the profession of weaving and embroidering traditional symbols on fabrics and carpets.

My first steps in this field began after we fled from our region to Erbil to escape from the oppression of Daesh (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS). I honed my talent over the days until it became today a profession that I am proud of.

There is a great demand for my products and for the traditional costumes that we embroider by hand, not only in Nineveh, but also in other regions. Sometimes we receive requests from other countries.

We have the Qarqoshi shawl, the Bartella shawl, and various types of carpets and clothes. Each picture or design that we embroider on it represents a story and presents a symbol of the Nineveh Plain.

I faced many challenges, there was no one to support and encourage me, if I had paid attention to some of what people say, I would not have continued in this profession, and there was no place for me to practice my work, as this profession requires accuracy and calmness, but I succeeded in the end.

We are still at the beginning of the road. I want to establish a center where I can teach others the profession of embroidery.


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