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A wheelchair didn’t stop Osama from living his dreams

  • 2019-09-05
A wheelchair didn’t stop Osama from living his dreams
Osama Najat playing basketball in his wheelchair

My name is Osama Najat; I’m 38. I was born with paralysis; therefore I spent all my life in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, I have never given up.

When I was a child, I often felt sad; particularly when I watched my friends play games I wasn’t able to join.

But my mother’s words were always cheering me up. She used to say, “Son, God will never take something away from you without giving you more in return.”

I did very well at school. I finally was admitted to the college of law at Kirkuk University. I was among the top ten graduates and later earned a Master’s degree. Now I am studying to earn PhD in law and political sciences.

My disability has not stopped me from practicing my hobbies. I am a good basketball player.

People should understand the fact that happiness and success does not mean having a perfect body or money, but means having will and determination.



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