Nawroz becomes a space for coexistence across Shingal and Ninewa Plains

Kirkuk- Nawroz festivals held at the Kirkuk’s historic citadel, March 20, 2018 Photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz & Soran Muhammad

The diverse components in Ninewa Plains and Shingal (Sinjar) celebrated Nawroz festivals on Wednesday March 20.

The initiative was launched by local authorities and residents of these areas.

Lara Yousif, Ninewa’s Alqush sub-district commissioner told KirkukNow, “All the people here in Alqush celebrated Nawroz, lighting traditional bonfires on the eve of Nawroz.”

All the different components participated in this year's Nawroz festivals

The town is home for a mixed make-up of Christians, Shabak and Ezidi communities. “For this year’s events we designated Bozan village where all the different components participated in the Nawroz festivals”, said Lara Yousif.

Bozan is predominantly inhabited by Ezidis who welcomed the initiative to light the Nawroz bonfire in their village.

Meanwhile, Zardasht Shingali, commander of the Shingal Protection Forces (YBS) said “all preparations have been made to hold the celebrations in Shingal.”

This year, Nawroz, the Kurdish New Year was  celebrated in Kirkuk and other disputed territories in Iraq, including Khanaqin and Duz Khurmatu.

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