No candidate has considered withdrawal ahead of decisive meeting to elect new leader of Ezidi community

Ninewa-Burial ceremony of Mir Tahsin Beg in Sheikhan, February 5, 2019 Photo: Ammar Aziz

None of the six people who have nominated themselves to become next leader of the Ezidi community have withdrawn their candidacy, as a recent meeting failed to settle a single candidate, urging Ezidis to find a new way out.

Mir Tahsin Saeed Beg, spiritual leader of the Ezidi community in Iraq and the world died on January 28, 2019 in a Germany hospital at the age of 86 and was buried in Sheikhan, Ninewa.

The Late Mir’s clan is now struggling to choose a new leader.

A’mir Mahmoud, a spokesman to Mir Tahsin’s family told KirkukNow. “Several meetings have been made but no agreement was reached as none of the six candidates are ready to withdraw.”

 The Mir’s family has suggested that high positions should be given to some of the candidates

“To resolve the issue the Mir’s family has suggested that high positions should be given to some of the candidates in a way that the posts of first deputy, second deputy, assistant, head of the Mir’s family council would be held by five of the candidates”, he added.

The list consists of: Hazim Tahsin Beg, Kamiran Khairi Beg, Sherzad Farooq Beg, Salim Najman Beg, Harman Mirza Beg and Sabah Jasim Beg. All candidates are from the former Mir’s hometown of Ba’adre, in Duhok’s Sheikhan duistrict.

As stipulated by the Ezidi traditions, the leader of the Ezidi community should be a member of the Mir’s family.

Earlier S’ood Misto, advisor to the Ezidis spiritual council explained that “after the clan selects one or two candidates, the names will be submitted to the spiritual council which in consultation with tribal leaders will choose the new leader.”

Concerning the new proposal, A’mir Mahmoud said, “The scheme has been largely approved by the candidates as none of them rejected the idea, but the new plan has not been formally declared.”

An upcoming meeting of the Mir’s clan is expected to endorse the new proposal. “This is the only solution, as all candidates will be given an important role in exchange of their withdrawal”, says A’mir.

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