Four Iraqi federal police officers killed southwest of Kirkuk

The four federal police officers  killed in the May 15 attack in southwestern Kirkuk

KirkukNow- Kirkuk

Four Iraqi federal police were killed by unknown gunmen believed to be Islamic State (IS) militants in Hawija district southwest of Kirkuk province.

The attack took place late on Wednesday, May 15 in Tum Silan, a village associated with Riyad sub-district in Hawija.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell, in a statement said “terrorists targeted a vehicle carrying members of the federal police’s snipers’ brigade in Silan area in Riyad southwest of Kirkuk”, indicating the attack resulted in the death of four federal police officers.”

 Kirkuk province witnesses sporadic attacks which target security forces and civilians. Most recently, gunmen attacked a checkpoint manned by federal police on the Kirkuk-Erbil road near Pirde (Altun Kopri) sub-district in which 4 members of the police were killed and another injured.

Security sources told KirkukNow that the officers killed in Wednesday’s ambush were a Major, a captain and two first lieutenants.”


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