Kirkuk: Security forces arrest police officer accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl

Kirkuk- One of the main streets of the city,  Photo: KirkukNow


Security forces in Kirkuk said they have arrested a police officer charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl.

A security source said the arrest took place on Thursday June 13 on a court warrant, indicating that the incident occurred earlier this week.

The source who spoke to KirkukNow on condition of anonymity said, “Our investigations revealed that the suspect is an officer”, adding that “he has pleaded guilty before prosecutors.”

According to the investigations, the suspect used a government vehicle to kidnap the girl and sexually assault her.

The suspect sexually abused the girl inside the vehicle which he used to kidnap her

Brigadier general Hussein Abdul-Hadi, director general of security and internal affairs formed an investigative committee which managed to identify the suspect’s location before arresting him.

The source told KirkukNow that the officer had “sexually abused the girl inside the vehicle he used to kidnap her.”


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