Rehabilitation projects in Ninewa’s Bashik encouraged return of 90% of IDPs

 Ninewa- A park in Bashik which have been built after the return of IDPs to their ancestral home  Photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa

According to a recent survey, the highest level of returnees in Iraq’s northern province of Ninewa are concentrated in Bashik sub-district where most rehabilitation projects have been carried out following the ouster of the Islamic State (IS) group.

Figures collected by the Bashik sub-district council have revealed that so far 90% of IDPs have returned home, the highest compared to other areas in the province.

Dasin Qawal, head of the council told KirkukNow, that the number of returnees reached 142,000. He said he believed the bulk of service projects implemented in the area were a major factor which has encouraged their return.

Over 700 residential units have been built or rehabilitated and 95% of schools rebuilt.

“Two power plants are under implementation at a cost of 7 billion Iraqi dinars. The projects are 70% complete and will both have the capacity to produce 64 Megawatts. Moreover, 40 artesian wells have been dug up along with the restoration of the town’s water network,” said Qawal.

Over 700 residential units have been built or rehabilitated in Bashik

 Bashik, 12 km east of Mosul was overrun by IS in 2014 and was recaptured by Iraqi forces towards the end of 2016. The sub-district is inhabited by a mixed religious make-up of Ezidis, Christians, Shabaks and Muslims.

A report published by Ninewa’s general directorate of municipalities has named Bashik the cleanest, according to a survey covered 10 Iraqi provinces.

“We only have some shortages in the health sector which we hope would be soon tackled in coordination with Ninewa authorities,” said Qawal.

The security situation in Bashik is stable compared to other parts of Ninewa, an advantage which local officials say has persuaded IDPs to return.

“The situation is almost similar to the pre-Islamic State rule”,  he said.


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