Kurdish factions announce a united list ahead of upcoming provincial elections in Kirkuk

Kirkuk- A press conference for representatives of a number of Kurdish political parties, September 9, 2019  Photo: Karwan Salehi


Representatives of Kurdish political parties said they reached an agreement to participate in the upcoming provincial council elections in the disputed multi-ethnic province of Kirkuk under a united electoral list.

The announcement was made at a joint news conference following a meeting held on Monday, September 9 at the Kurdistan Communist party’s office in Kirkuk.

“All the factions agreed to take part in the elections under a united list which we have named, Kirkuk is Kurdistani”, Rawand Mala Mahmoud, deputy head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) organizational center in Kirkuk told KirkukNow correspondent.


Kirkuk- Representatives of Kurdish factions discuss formation of united list ahead of provincial elections, September 9, 2019  Photo: Karwan Salehi

Concerning the absence of representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the meeting, the PUK official said “they also support the formation of a united list,” indicating that their views were taken into account.

The provincial elections planned for April 2020 is seen as a highly anticipated event in Kirkuk where the process have not been held since 2005 due to ongoing disputes between the various components of the province.




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