Unknown gunmen gun down local official in southern Kirkuk

Kirkuk- A makeshift vegetable market in central Hawija   Photo: Karwan Salehi


 The headman of a village in southern Kirkuk’s Rashad sub-district was shot dead by unknown gunmen believed to be Islamic State (IS) militants, a police source said.

The incident took place on Friday, October 11, after Zakariya Mansour was kidnapped by the gunmen from his farm in Rashad and was driven to a nearby location where he was killed execution-style.

“Zakariya Mansour was irrigating his farmland few kilometers outside Rashad when he was kidnapped by IS militants. They took him to a cane field where his body was later found,” Colonel Mu’ammar Murza, head of Rashad police department told KirkukNow.

The police chief said that the security situation in Rashad has been “relatively stable”, noting that the area witnesses sporadic attacks.

Rashad is a sub-district of Hawija in southern Kirkuk. The town was controlled by IS fighters in mid-2014 and was recaptured by Iraqi security forces in October 2017.


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