Security forces surround Kirkuk municipality building amid changing mayor

Faraidun Adil, the new Kirkuk Municipality director. Photo:Kirkuk Municipality Page on Facebook

Soran Mohammed-Kirkuk

Sardar Ali was removed as head of Kirkuk Municipality and Faraidun Adil Wais replaced him. At the same time, security forces surround the building of the municipality, but it is unclear if the forces try to prevent Faraidun from taking office or they are preparing for any unforeseen circumstances.

The decision to remove Sardar Ali, who is a Kurd and a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) member, was made by Bangin Rekani, the minister of housing and reconstruction. The decision was put into effect on Monday, December 30th, 2019.

Kirkuk Now has obtained a copy of the decree issued by Rekani and sent to the Kirkuk Governor, stating that, “the decree we are issuing is not to take your permission but rather to be implemented and it is not negotiable.”

the decree we are issuing is not to take your permission but rather to be implemented and it is not negotiable

It also states, “the door of the ministry is open for discussion after the implementation of the decree. If we previously had been patient with our decisions, it was a respect for our brother, head of the provincial council cooperation.”

Faraidun Adil Wais, the newly selected head of municipality, told Kirkuk Now that, “based on the ministerial decree, I took office on Monday. It is the decision of the ministry and we will abide by. In accordance to our capabilities and authorities, during our work, we will try to provide the citizens of Kirkuk with best work and services regardless of ethnicities.”

In his second day at office, a huge force of unit 61 has surrounded the building of municipality and the aim is not known.

61 unit security forces, Kirkuk on December 31, 2019. Photo: Kirkuk Now

“We, likewise, do not know why these security forces have been deployed. I am in office and maybe they are trying to prevent me from taking office or maybe they are preparing for any unforeseen circumstances," Faraidun said.

Bangin Rekani, belonging to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), decided to remove Salar Ali and nominated Faraidun Adil. This tension emerges while people complain about lack of services to clean up the city from garbage.

According to Kirkuk Now sources, the forces have been deployed by Rakan Al-Jabouri, the acting governor of Kirkuk, in order to prevent the replacement of Salar Ali by Faraidun Adil.

Salar Ali became the director of Kirkuk Municipality when Najmaldin Karim was the governor of Kirkuk. Ali was also retired by the mentioned ministry.

Faraidun Adil, an engineer and previously deputy head of the municipality, has led many projects in the city.

Salar Ali secured the position based on the Kurdish shares of the governmental positions in the city.  


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