Swine flu spread kills two persons in the north of Iraq

Nineveh, Mosul General Hospital. Photo: KirkukNow


Kirkuk and Khanaqin health directorates have taken full measures to prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus, emphasizing that no one has been diagnosed with swine flu.

Taking serious measures is because two persons have died from the virus and at least 30 people have been diagnosed with it in Erbil and Mosul.

Karim Wali, head of Kirkuk health directorate, said, “so far, no cases of swine flu has been recorded, but we have taken serious measure to prevent the virus from spreading.”

He told Kirkuknow that as part of the measures, a separate section within Kirkuk hospital has been opened and all necessities have been provided.

Media department of Khanqin health directorates in Diyala Province declined any cases of swine flu in Khanaqin.

 At the same time, 30 cases of swine flu have been recorded in the Kurdistan Region and the checks have been sent to Baghdad for further diagnosis according to the ministry of health of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Majority of that 30 people are from Duhok province.

Jasm Ammari, health director in Nineveh, stated that, “four people had suspiciously been diagnosed with the virus and two of them died whose diagnoses were sent to Baghdad,”

Based on the laboratory tests done in Baghdad, Ammari told KirkukNow that one of the persons actually died from H1N1 virus.

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