Corona Information Service (CIS),Reliable News for People


 KirkukNow, Radio Dange New, Radio Dang, and Wadi Organization announce a network for spreading reliable information about coronavirus.

We, as a network of joint media and civil society organizations, announce the establishment of a network for spreading reliable news and  information for people from trustful and professional sources. The aim of the network is to provice people with trustwothy information as a  way to take precautionary measures against the outbreak of the virus.

This group cannot merely shoulder the work. People and we need the help and cooperation of the respective institutions, especially the Ministry of Health of both regional and federal governments, as well as the health directorates of the provinces and health experts.

As a result, we are attempting to make cooperations with them to increase the awareness level of people about the virus. This network consists of KirkukNow, Radio Dange New in Halabja, Radio Dang in Kalar and Wadi Organization.

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