Kirkuk and Nineveh in 2019; 50896 marriages and 6280 divorce

Photo: Kelly Sikkema


Last year, approximately 51 thousand marriage certificates were recorded in Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces alone, and six thousand divorces happened, according to statists of the Supreme Judicial Council.

KirkukNow obtained statists that show in 2019, 14 thousand and 802 marriages happened, and two thousand and 155 marriages dissolved in Kirkuk.

In Nineveh, in 2019, 36 thousand and 94 marriages took place, and four thousand and 125 cases of divorce were recorded. In December of the same year, two thousand and 883 marriage certificates were recorded, and 169 cases of divorce happened.

Based on the same statistics, in Diyala province, 15 thousand and 769 marriages happened. Four thousand and 651 marriages dissolved. In January 2020, one thousand and 513 marriages took place. In comparison, 364 cases of divorce were recorded.

In Salahuddin province, marriages have reached 14 thousand, while one thousand and 692 marriage dissolved. In January 2020, 404 marriages were recorded, while 203 dissolved.

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