Kirkuk: Police Department increases hotlines to better help people

Kirkuk, police mobile checkpoint. Photo: Karwan Salehi


Police Department in Kirkuk increased hotlines to further facilitate people’s communication with the department.

Officer Mazn Gharib, Director of Emergency Police Department, said, “earlier, we only had one telephone number. But after acquiring approval from General Police Department, we increased it to 12 hotlines and they are open always.”

The officer explained that they have used different telecommunications companies’ numbers in order to enable people contact them with any phone number.  People contact 104 and it will direct them to their various hotlines.

“We can reach people as soon as possible when facing any problem… when we receive a call, we ask for information and address.”

“We only have one request for people. Please do not contact us when the issue is not related to us. Other people will be on line and need help,” he said.


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