Kirkuk: court house decides to execute a wife killed her husband with help of two persons

Kirkuk, a street in the city center. Photo: KirkukNow


The court house of Kirkuk makes the decision to execute an 18-year-old wife, who was involved in the murder of her husband with two other persons.

A man was shot dead in his house in Nasr neighborhood on August 8, 2019 and his child one year and a half was injured, as well. On the same day, the police forces arrested his wife and another two persons with the charge of involvement in the murder.

On Monday, May 19, 2020, the court house decided to execute his wife and the other two persons, who premediated the killing.

A source, who is familiar with the trial, told KirkukNow that, “the court made decision to execute Rahab Khalid Ibrahim, the wife of the man, Abdul-Mahdi Rahim Khzir, and Ahmad Mahmood Ramazan, who had confessed that the they planned the murder and killed Mustafa Ahmad, the husband of Rahab.”

They have confessed that they shot Ahmad and later hung his dead body to misled the investigation, aiming to show he committed suicide. Rahab and the other two men later started torturing her child.

 “They confessed that they have also barbarically tortured the child and burned her body with cigarette fire. Later they cut the burned skin of the child with knife,” the source added.

The child is a girl and was only a year and a half when she was tortured.

How was the murder revealed?

After the murder, the woman took the child to hospital and said that broken glass cut her leg, but the doctor doubted the claim and informed the security forces of the hospital. That led to the arrest of the suspects and later the case was revealed.

The woman confessed under investigation that she committed the crime with the help of two other persons, even though they initially concealed and later were arrested and confessed to the crime.

The decision to execute them was made base on article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which states that willful killing is punishable by death “if such killing is premediated.”

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