Kirkuk Police finds abandoned new-born baby and corpse of another

One of Kirkuk City’s streets at night. Photo by KirkukNow

Karwan Salihi - Kirkuk

Within 24 hours on 2 July: A new-born baby was found in one of Kirkuk’s graveyards. The corpse of another was also found in the city. And Emergency Response Police in Kirkuk managed to prevent a 46-year-old woman from committing suicide.

Mazin Ghareeb, head of Kirkuk’s Emergency Response Police, told KirkukNow that “a squad of the Emergency Response Police managed to rescue a 46-year-old woman from committing suicide. She was planning to jump off from Bridge Four.”

After being notified, the police went to the location where the woman was and succeeded in persuading her to change her mind. According to police investigations, the woman was under mental stress.

Ghareeb said that they had also found the corpse of a new-born baby inside a plastic water container. The authorities don't have any information about the corpse yet.

On the same day, police found a new-born baby abandoned at the graveyard of Kirkuk’s Rahimawa neighbourhood.

Farhad Mahmood, chief of Rahimawa Police, told KirkukNow that “a resident notified us about the abandoned baby at the graveyard. One of our squads picked up the baby. Its health is apparently in good conditions and it looks like it was abandoned about an hour before.”

The baby is male and is currently at the city’s paediatric hospital under observation.

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