Farmer killed one day after conclusion of security operation

Diyala, July 2020 - armoured vehicles of the units taking part in “Heroes of Iraq - Phase 4” operation in Khanaqin - Photo from Defense Ministry

KirkukNow - Diyala

One farmer was killed and four others wounded by unknown militants at the village of Um-Hunta in Diyala’s Khanaqin district, yesterday (15 July 2020), only one day after the conclusion of the “Heroes of Iraq - phase 4” operation by Iraqi forces.

A source within the security force told KirkukNow that the attack targeted a number of farmers and has led to the killing of one and wounding four others, one of whom is in critical condition.

The attack came only one day after reassurances came from the authorities yesterday with the conclusion of the military operation.

A source from the village of Um-Hunta confirmed to KirkukNow that the unknown gunmen had opened fire on the farmers in a field, killing one of them wounding five others.

The military operation was overseen by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi and lasted four days. Four suspected ISIS militants were killed and a number of their hideouts were destroyed.

The operation commanders asserted that the operation will immensely weaken ISIS and reduce the number of the attacks.

Unit from the Iraqi army, PMU (Popular Mobilization Units, colloquially known as Hashd), Federal Police and PUK’s Counter-Terrorism took part in that operation.

A number of attacks have been reported this year in the Khanaqin District. Many villagers were killed or wounded in such attacks, and there has been a lot of material damage as well.

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