Ezidi philanthropist shot dead

Bashir Kuria with Ezidi children

Ammar Aziz - Nineveh

Bashir Kuria, philanthropist, trader and a known Ezidi figure was shot dead near Alqosh, Nineveh. No suspects have so far been detained.

The shooting took place today (Sunday 4 October 2020) at around 13:00 near a village called Béban (about 40 km north of Mosul). Bashir was on his way back from the funeral of the Ezidi spiritual leader Baba Shékh Khurt haji-Ismael.

Captain Shivan Mhamad, an investigating officer from Alqosh Police, told KirkukNow: “Unidentified individuals shot Bashir Kuria and he died immediately.”

There were two other individuals inside Bashir’s car, neither of them was injured according to the police.

Bashir’s body was sent to a hospital for autopsy.

“We have footage from surveillance cameras along with other evidence, and God willing, we will catch the culprits soon,” added Captain Shivan Mhamad.

Bashir was known for his charity work and helping the poor. He initiated a project (named Jiveen) to providing shelter for orphans.

Jawhar Ali-bag, a public relations assistance to the Mir of the Ezidis, told KirkukNow: “Bashir was killed due to a social conflict. An investigation has been conducted after the killing, and we are certain that the killers will be arrested very soon."

Bashir was a resident of Babéré in Alqosh district, Nineveh province.

Berivan Salim Shamo, an official from Duhok, told KirkukNow: “We have talked to security officials so that the culprits get arrested, and we reassure the family of Bashir Kuria that the culprits will get the appropriate punishment.”

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