Shingal delegation in Baghdad attempts to nullify Baghdad-KRG agreement

Baghdad, October 2020 – a meeting between the delegation from Shingal with the State of Law Coalition – photo: Ismael Ibrahim

Ammar Aziz

Some residents of Shingal district (Ezidi-majority district in Nineveh province) redouble their efforts to render the agreement between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on Shingal invalid, and for that purpose a delegation of notables and tribal leaders is in Baghdad.

The delegation, which consists of 13 members, has been meeting with different groups in Baghdad for a week now, attempting to replace the KRG-Baghdad agreement with one between Baghdad and the current administration council of Shingal.

Faris Harbo, a member of the delegation, told KirkukNow: “We have discussed the agreement between Baghdad and the KRG at every meeting; we have conveyed the complaints and grievances of the people of Shingal and have requested them not to implement that agreement.”

“That agreement does not serve the people of Shingal. Fortunately, all the sides we have met with agree with us and object to the agreement. They support us and want the content of the agreement to be revised.”

Baghdad, October 2020 – a meeting between the delegation from Shingal with Hadi al-Amiri, leader of the Badr Organization – photo: Ismael Ibrahim

The agreement between the federal and Kurdistan regional governments, which was signed early October, is to install a new administration council and reorganize the security oversight in the district.

The delegation from Shingal has met with: The State of Law Coalition; al-Nasir Coalition; Hadi al-Amiri, leader of the Badr Organization, and a number of government and security officials. They are scheduled to meet with more people.

Faris Harbo, added: “Shingal falls under the jurisdiction of the Nineveh province; we want to make another agreement between the people of Shingal, Baghdad and the governor of Nineveh, without the KRG. Then, we will support such an agreement.”

The delegation intended to meet with Prime Minister al-Kadhimi, but he travelled abroad.

Faris Harbo said: “We have submitted a number of requests at the prime minister’s office. We will be meeting with the High Authority of the Shi’a [al-Sistani] and other sides; we will reassure all sides that the agreement between Baghdad and KRG will not be implemented and that a number of changes in agreement will be made. Everything will be unveiled in the future.”

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