Oil well in Kirkuk still burns

Kirkuk, December 2020 – well 33 at Kirkuk’s Khabaza oilfield on fire – photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salehi - Kirkuk

One of two oil wells in Kirkuk that were blown up by IEDs last week is still engulfed in fire, which cost the government nearly $80,000 per day.

Oil wells number 33 and 44 were blown up at 1:30 AM on 9 December at Kirkuk’s Khabaza oilfield. According to the security forces IEDs were used by “ISIS militants.”

A source from the state-run North Oil Company, who wished to remain unnamed because he isn’t authorised to talk to the press, told KirkukNow: “By the afternoon of Sunday, 13 December, the personnel of North Oil Company managed to control the fire at well number 44, but well number 33 is still not controlled.”

According to numbers from the North Oil Company, daily production from those two wells were 2000 barrels.

The source said that “the fire has cost the Iraqi government more than $80,000 per day.”

the fire has cost the Iraqi government more than $80,000 per day

The source said that the reason that the fire at one of the wells is still not distinguished is that the rate of gas from it is greater.

There are five main oil fields in Kirkuk province: Avana, Bay-Hasan, Qubay-Baba, Jumbur and Khabaza, all of which are run by the state-owned North Oil Company.

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