Increase in Kirkuk’s 2020 crude oil export, revenue

Kirkuk, 2020 – firefighters trying to extinguish a fire at one of Kirkuk’s oil fields


According to official numbers, there was an increase in crude oil export from the fields in Kirkuk province. At the start of 2020, an amount of 1,114,000 barrels was exported per month, but export exceeded 3 million barrels in December.

Meanwhile, oil exports from the Qayyara fields in the Nineveh province have stopped after the first quarter of 2020.

The numbers obtained by KirkukNow from the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) indicate the export of approximately 33,008,818 barrels of crude oil from Kirkuk province was exported through the Turkish port of Ceyhan in 2020.

On average, 1,114,000 barrels of crude oil was exported per month at the beginning of 2020. But in May, it rose to 3,454,000 barrels, the highest rate in that year.

The total revenue for 2020 from oil export of Kirkuk’s fields reached about $1.2 billion. In January 2020, the revenue was about $63.7 million, but in December it reached about $144.

According to SOMO's figures, the export from Qayyara field in February 2020 was limited to an estimated amount of 488,845 barrels, and in March only 129,49 barrels. Exports have been stopped since then.

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