Director of Nineveh sports & youth found dead

Manhal Mohammed, director of Nineveh sports & youth found dead in al-Namroud sub-district, south of Mosul. Facebook account of Mohammed.

By KirkukNow in Nineveh

The body of Manhal Mohammed, director of Nineveh sports & youth, was found dead on June 14th in al-Namroud sub-district, south of Mosul with a pistol beside his body, local officials said.

The security forces are still further investigating the incident took place in al-Aqgub village of al-Namroud, reported to be a suicide.

Rafat Simo, deputy governor of Nineveh, told KirkukNow that Mohammed headed out of Mosul toward al-Namroud where his body was found.

KirkukNow has come to know there was sign of bullet at the forehead of Mohammed and a pistol beside the body, photos circulated on the social platform of Facebook show.

“We are still not sure if he was killed or committed suicide. The security services are launching investigations and till Tuesday everything will become clear,” Simo added.

The body of Mohammed is at the Forensic medicine for tests and investigations. The security forces have declined to reveal further details up to end of investigations. The family of Mohammed were shocked and not in a state to talk to the media.

Some of social media accounts describe the accident as murder and others claim it was suicide.

Few handwritten letters which KirkukNow could not verify claim to be written by Mohammed say that he apologizes for his family that he could not endure life any more. He talks about some pressure due to a project he could not fulfil.

Crowds of Mosul residents and sport figures were in front of the morgue waiting for burial of the body.

Iraqi ministry of sport and youth has not declared any details except a letter by the minister offering condolence for the family of Mohammed.

Nineve, the secod largest provinve in Iraq, located 462 northwest of Baghdad, is home to about four million people, half of them in Mosul, the center of the province.

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