Power supply double in Kirkuk

Photo by Matthew Henry for unsplash.com

By Goran Baban in Kirkuk

National power supply in Kirkuk has doubled as a broken power generation station has been maintained reducing power outages to few hours a day.

The national power supply to Kirkuk has been boosted from 400 Megawatt to 760MW and national power is on for 17-18 hours while maximum was only 8 hours per day till end of May.

Marwan Aani, media and public relations manager of Kirkuk province Divan, said Taza power station was broken for over a year and its restoration has been stopped due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“In the last few months, it has been restored in the few months and it has been re-connected to national power network early June,” he added.

The station is capable to generate 250 MW meaning long hours of national power.

In mid-May, inadequate power supply to the multiethnic city of Krikuk united all its people and their representatives in the face of Baghdad asking for more power supply in the begging of a blazing Summer or take to the streets in a week.

The spokesperson of Kirkuk electricity office said Kirkuk receives only 1.08% while the original share is 4.08%.

In the first two weeks of May, private power generators supplied 15 hours a day, 1 ampere for 10 thousand IQD (6.5) so any family uses 10 amperes has to pay $65 a month while average of salaries for civil servants are 500,000 IQD, meaning private generator invoice makes 20% of their monthly income.

Saman Fawzi owns a mini market in Kirkuk. Fawzi said the national power supply has remarkably improved in the last two weeks. “Previously, all the stuff in the refrigerator and freezer were melting and expiring now we don’t have that problem and hope it becomes even better.”

Previously, all the stuff in the refrigerator and freezer were melting and expiring now we don’t have that problem

KirkukNow has talked to many Kirkukis whom said they receive 17-18 hours of national electricity a day.

Ghasan Razwani, media officer of Kirkuk electricity office, told KirkukNow that in some neighborhoods they receive national power up to 20 hours a day. “In some neighborhoods, their transmission generators are incapable of enduring high loads so they receive 17 hours only.

Razwani affirmed that Kirkuk currently receives 760 MW instead of 400.

Demand on power consumptions reaches its peak in blazing summer as temperature exceeds 40 Celsius degrees. Besides, the national power supply is ten times cheaper than the service provided by private generators.

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