Father killed, son abducted by militants northeast of Baghdad

Diayala, 2020- The entrance of Sa'diyah sub-district, 60 km north east of Baquba, center of Diyala province. Amir Khanaqini

By Amir Khanaqini in Diyala

A man was killed, his son was abducted and his nephew was injured by unknown gunmen northeast of Baghdad on Friday, relatives told KirkukNow.

Unknown gunmen storm a store built in a house in Sa'diyah sub-district, 60 km north east of Baquba, center of Diyala province.

The father monitors the CCTV and hurries to rescue his son at the store in the district of Tapa, center of Sa'diya. He notices gunmen at the store about 11 pm.

"My brother was at home and saw three gunmen trying to kidnap his 16-year-old son so he hurries out to stop them and they shoot him dead," said Karim Shawi, a brother of the victim Burhan Shawi Khalidi.

"My son tried to support his uncle and he was also injured at his hand," he added. "They have kidnapped my nephew with another neighbor who is a soldier and was there.

Burhan was member of Badir brigade, a Shiite political party and its troops are affiliated to the Shiite paramilitary of Popular Mobilization Forces PMF.

No further details about destiny of the abducted up to day.

IS militants are regrouping in the rural areas of the disputed territories between Baghdad and Erbil. They are targeting Iraqi forces and civilians in the suburbs of Diyla, Kirkuk Ninawa and Erbil, leaving tens of casualties and causing material damage to houses, cattle, orchards and vehicles of the villagers.

In retaliation, a wide range of operations are launched in the disputed territories have failed to put an end to the escalating threats. End of May, the Iraqi security forces have launched a joint operation to sweep riversides of Alwand river in Kahanqin, northeast of Baghdad, targeting hideouts for remnants of the Islamic State ISIS.

The operation followed a 7-week campaign covered the river of Sirwan and the surrounding areas of Jalawla subdistrict, particularly the village of Islah, a safe haven for IS militants. 7,000 donums of agricultural lands and orchards were dried in the campaign in order to leave no chance for the extremist Jihadists to take shelter there.

The disputed territories extend from Khanaqin in the east on the border with Iran to the oil rich city of Kirkuk heading to the west of Mosul in Shingal, home to Ezidi ethno-religious minority, on the border with Syria.


Burhan was killed by unknown gunmen at his house in Sa'diyah. Photo shared by family with KirkukNow. 

Two security sources affirmed the incident and said two of the gunmen were without masks.

"They look like ISIS militants but in military uniform. They walk to the sotre and we think they hid in the farms adjacent to the neighborhood where they committed the crime then fled far away," a source in Police anonymously said.

The incident was confirmed by a PMF source as well.

The relatives of the assassinated man reported the incident to local police.

According to KirkukNow follow-up, the security forces besieged the sub-district and lead a search and inspection campaign.

The sub-district of Sa'diyah is home to Muslim Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens, Sunnis and Shiites. It's part of Kahanqin district, one the disputed territories between Baghdad and Erbil.

It was taken over by IS militants mid of 2014 yet it was retaken in Novemebr 2014.

The security of Saddiaya and Diayala in general is run by Diyala operations' command, an umbrella to local and federal police, Iraqi army and PMF.

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