40% of Al-Qush residents received Covid-19 jabs

Iraq, 2020: A student receives an anti-Corona vaccine. The Iraqi Ministry of Health

By Ammar Aziz in Ninawa

Nearly 40 percent of the total population of Al-Qush district of Ninewa province, received vaccines against the Corona virus, and this prevented the exacerbation of cases of Corona infection.

According to the statistics obtained by KirkukNow from the health district of Alqush in the Nineveh Plains,16,000 residents out of 40,000, about 40%, have received the vaccine.

Dr. Bader Emmanuel, director of the Al-Qush district health center, told said, "Large numbers of citizens come every day to receive the vaccine, and the rate has reached 40%, and this is good for Al-Qosh district, and we seek to increase this percentage by urging and educating citizens."

There is only one center in Alqush for the vaccination against Corona, which has three types of vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, said Dr. Emmanuel.

Alqush health statistics indicate that the number of people infected with the virus in the district since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic so far was 400 cases, 15 of whom died due to complications from the virus.

The director of Alqush Health Center believes that the cases of infection are more than what is announced, given the lack of a special place to receive and treat the positive cases in Alqosh, noting that some of the injured may have been registered in Mosul and Dohuk adjacent provinces.

Across Ninewa, the number of people who received Corona vaccines has reached nearly 663,000, while their number throughout Iraq has reached about 8.6 million people.

Iraq has joined the inoculation race back in March by receiving batches through COVAX, COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, which is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.


Ninewa, December 2021: Alqush district health center. Ammar Aziz

The categories that received Corona vaccines include those over the age of 12, employees, earners and security forces.

Abed Shekwana, a resident of Al-Qush district, received a dose of the vaccine two months ago, said, "At first we did not trust the vaccine, we were reluctant to take it, but after a large number of citizens received the vaccine, my wife and I decided to take the vaccine." ."

"Through KirkukNow, I appeal to all the residents of the district to go to receive the vaccine, because it is the only treatment that we and our families are sure of from the Corona virus."

Al-Qush sub-district is located in Tel Kaif district, 40 km north of Mosul. It includes 34 villages and three compounds while some of the residents of the district are still displaced.

The director of Al-Qosh health center said, "No person from the district has died of corona after receiving the vaccine. Each person is free to choose the type of vaccine he takes, because the three types of vaccine are available in Al-Qush."

Dr. Bader Emmanuel says that Alqush was previously suffering from the spread of fake news and allegations among people, but people's attitudes have changed through spreading health awareness.

The increase in the proportion of people vaccinated against the Corona virus during comes after that the Iraqi government stipulated in June 2021 based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and with the aim of boosting herd immunity against Corona, taking the vaccine or conducting a Corona examination on a weekly basis for civil servants, teachers and students though the procedure came into force intensively since October.

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