Security services seek for missing IDP and daughter

Farooq Mirza, 42, and his daughter, Akhnin, six, went missing since August 4th. Photos shared by relatives with KirkukNow

By Ammar Aziz in Duhok

A father and his daughter went missing since August 4th in Duhok Northern Province, relatives told KirkukNow.

Farooq Mirza, 42, an Ezidi (Yazidi) Internally Displaced Person IDP resides Cham Mishko camp in Zakho district of Duhok province, goes out with his six-years-old daughter Akhnin last Thursday, to a farm in Bedare near Zakho General Hospital.

“At 11 am, Farooq received a call from a friend asking him to visit him at his farm. He wanted to go alone, but my daughter Aknin told him she wants to escort hims so they took a cab,” Seve Bapir, Farooq's wife, told KirkukNow.

“We talked till 4 pm and they said the place was very nice and there was no any problem,” she added.

“It was around 9 pm and they didn't come back, so I called him back, but his and his friend's phones were switched off. I was very scared. We called the security agencies directly. The next day, his friend called and said Farooq stayed with him until 10 pm, then with his daughter left the farm in a taxi.”

The distance between Farooq's camp and the farm of his relatives is half an hour drive by car.

"We have published photos and information of the citizen and our teams continue to search and investigate, but we have not found any clues," a source in Zakho police anonymously said.

Police posted photos of Farooq and his daughter on their official Facebook account for the public in order to share any information with the police.

Farooq's family are from Borik community of Shingal (Sinjar) district, home to the Ezidi community in Ninewa province. He is father of four other daughters, the youngest of whom is one-year-old.

"Farooq's friend spoke to my brother on the phone again and changed the story. This time he said he had an argument with Farooq before leaving the farm, yet he has not been arrested so far," his wife said.

Bapir said their financial situation is not good because her husband was jobless and were being supported by their neighbors at Cham Mishko camp, which is located in Zakho and houses more than 21,000 IDPs.

“I'm going crazy looking for my daughter and my husband. The security forces are not telling us anything. Our lives are like hell, so I ask people to come to our aid,” Bapir desperately said.

There are more than 664,000 IDPs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq KRI, some of whom are staying in 26 camps in Duhok, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah provinces. They are reluctant to return home due to lack of stability, reconstruction and job opportunities.

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