KirkukNow Offers Monthly Electronic Service

A woman walks through a bazar downtown of Kirkuk, July 2017. Binar Sardar

By KirkukNow

Starting this month, KirkukNow will prepare an electronic newsletter service for its audiences, which includes a number of stories and high-quality journalistic investigations and will be shared free of charge for three months. 


The content of the newsletter will be in several forms:


First, it includes coverage of the most far-reaching developments in Iraq’s disputed territories in the northern provinces of (Kirkuk, Nineveh, Diyala, and Salahaddin), with informative and quality journalism.


Second, it could be in the form of a special edition, regarding pressing issues such as freedom of expression and the press, environment, minorities, women's issues, etc.


Third, in addition to this, subscribers can suggest to KirkukNow the issues they wish KirkukNow to cover in depth in the upcoming editions of the newsletter.


The newsletter will be free for three months; later, our subscribers will be required to pay a small subscription fee.


Contributing to this new endeavor by KirkukNow is part of your support for independent media in one of the most volatile areas in the world, which is solely "From People to People"; meanwhile, it is also an encouragement for our media outlet, which restlessly strives to foster an enabling environment for freedom of expression and deliver the voices of the voiceless.


For communication and further details, please contact Ahang Habib, Development manager via:




Mobile phone: 07702000394

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