Semi-agreement to nominate acting governor as governor of Nineveh

Abdul Qadir Al-Dakhil, the current acting Governor of Nineveh. Media of Governor’s office

By KirkukNow

The winning blocs in the Nineveh Provincial Council elections are discussing the nomination of a governor in the first session of the Council on Monday February 5th, as the current acting governor is the most likely to assume the position, sources told KirkukNow.

Abdul Qadir Al-Dakhil was appointed acting governor at the end of November 2023 by a decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister, replacing Naijm Abdullah al-Jubouri, who resigned.

An official source in the Nineveh Governorate administration, who refused to reveal his name because the talks on the issue have not been finalized, told (KirkukNow), “The issue of appointing Abdul Qadir al-Dakhil as governor of Nineveh is on the table in the talks to form the local government.”

“He is in a good position and there is a great possibility that he will remain governor of Nineveh, but in the end, we are all waiting for the final decision on the agreements,” he added.

“I personally spoke with Al-Dakhil. He said that he is in a good position and perhaps the blocs will accept him as governor,” according to the source.

Another member of the provincial council, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “There is almost an agreement within the council to elect Al-Dakhil as governor of Nineveh, but the blocs are still discussing the issue and have not reached a final decision.”

The source stressed that “the first and final decision rests with the Council, which is scheduled to meet on Monday, February 5.”

Al-Dakhil is considered one of the figures close to the former governor of Nineveh, Najim al-Jubouri, and he accompanied him to all important meetings when he was his deputy.

Najm al-Jubouri chaired the (Nineveh for its People) coalition in the recent provincial council elections, and earned five seats out of 29.

On January 25, 2024, six parties and alliances led by Muhannad Najm al-Jubouri - son of Najm al-Jubouri - which together have 13 seats in the Council and need two more seats, announced the formation of the Unified Nineveh Bloc.

According to KirkukNow sources, the Nineveh Unified Bloc is in talks with the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP and other alliances to reach a consensus regarding Monday’s meeting.

Manaf Hassan, the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s media official in Nineveh, told KirkukNow, “It is not yet clear whether Al-Dakhil will remain in the position of governor or someone else will be chosen. No final decision has been made... The agreements will be on the position of governor, his two deputies, and the president of the Council and its deputy.”

"If an agreement is not reached, the session on Monday, February 5, may be postponed," he added.

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