Sheikhan Students Improve English Language Skills through US-funded Program

English Access Microscholaship Program in Sheikhan, Duhok. Media of Free Ezidi (Yazidi) Foundation

By Ammar Aziz

“Since my participation in this program, my love for learning the English language has increased and my grades have improved,” says Ivana Kamal Khidir, one of the participants in English Access Microscholaship Program in Sheikhan district of Duhok Northern Province with financial support from the US Consulate General in Erbil.

Ivana receives English language learning lessons four hours a week within the framework of a program seeks to expand her knowledge of American culture, in order to improve the competitive possibilities for participating in similar future programs, according to the US Consulate.

“I have other dreams. I want this program to help me in the future to get to the college I prefer,” says Ivana.

The English Access Microscholaship Program in Sheikhan implemented by the Free Ezidi (Yazidi) Foundation in Shekhan, with funding from the American Consulate, involves 144 young boys and girl.

English is a global language, and April 23 is considered International English Language Day.

Ivana, an eighth-grade student in Sheikhan district center, says that she was lucky to be admitted into the program.

“In the beginning, the teachers taught us some simple things, but now they speak to us in English. We learn new vocabulary every day and use them in our daily conversations.”

Ivana says that her grades in school improved.

“I got 82 in the first semester and I am aiming to get a 90 in the second semester... My love for the English language has increased a lot, I am always looking for new vocabulary and information.”


After school and weekend classes for students admitted to the English Access Microscholaship Program in Sheikhan, Duhok. Media of Free Ezidi (Yazidi) Foundation

English is the most common language among the world's languages. It is spoken by 1.5 billion people and is considered an official, administrative and cultural language in about 90 countries and entities.

The Access program in Sheikhan lasts for two years, and in addition to the residents of the district center, students from the camps for the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs in the area also benefit from it.

Zozan Hasib, director of the Free Yazidi Foundation in Sheikhan, told (KirkukNow), “The participants were distributed into eight groups, so that the program would not conflict with the attendance of members of each group in their schools... The ages of the participants of both sexes ranged between 13 and 16 years, from different religions and ethnicities.”

“The program aims primarily to teach the English language, and then how to obtain information, especially in the field of (Digital Leaders), to encourage participants to hone their capabilities in the field of the English language,” according to Hasib.

“Our English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) provides a strong foundation in English language skills to economically or socially disadvantaged youth, through two years of after school, weekend and summer intensive learning sessions," U.S. Consulate General spokesperson said. "Access also provides teachers, administrators, and program alumni with professional development opportunities and continued English language training."

"Our participants gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for U.S. culture and democratic values through various cultural activities, and improve their competitiveness for other future programs, including our academic and professional exchange programs," he added.


"This year, we are proud to have launched two new Access programs in Sheikhan and Halabja, in addition to providing a small grant to the University of Halabja’s English Language Center, and ongoing training to dozens of English teaching professionals. “

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