Kurdish political parties in Kirkuk: We have been granted permission to hold Newroz celebrations

Kirkuk- Nawroz bonfire lit at Kirkuk Citadel with both Iraqi and Kurdistan Region flags hoisted, Mrach 20, 2017 Photo: KirkukNow


Representatives of a range of Kurdish political parties in the multi-ethnic province of Kirkuk said they have decided to hold the Newroz (Kurdish New Year) festivals and the 1991 Kurdish uprising anniversary jointly, indicating that   they have been granted permission by authorities.

In a press conference on Sunday March 17, Kurdish factions in Kirkuk, in a statement, emphasized that “Newroz and the Kurdish uprising anniversary will be celebrated on March 20 at the Kirkuk citadel with Kurdistan Region flags hoisted.”

“We commend all the Kurdish parties for supporting this effort as we pledge to maintain our unity in the face of upcoming challenges”, the statement added.

Security authorities have pledged to protect the crowds during the celebrations

The representatives of the Kurdish political parties stressed that security authorities have been notified and have pledged to protect the crowds during the celebrations, urging Kirkuk residents to take part in the events.

On March 20, the eve of Nawroz, Kurds celebrate by wearing traditional clothes and lighting bonfires. It also coincides with the day Kurdish Peshmarga forces controlled Kirkuk after driving out the former Ba’ath regime from the city in 1991.

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