Kirkuk orphans hang their wishes on wall of hope

Kirkuk- An exhibition organized to urge the community to help orphaned children, April 2, 2019 Photo: Soran Muhammad

Soran Muhammad- KirkukNow

Dozens of orphans and abandoned children drew their wishes and dreams on paper and hang them on a wall within an exhibition in Kirkuk so that their wishes might be fulfilled by visitors of the event.

The event which was held on Tuesday April 2, was organized by a group of volunteer lawyers in cooperation with a non-governmental organization.

 Ahang Muhammad, one of the lawyers who took part in the project told KirkukNow, “We visited schools in search of children who are orphaned or abandoned; we asked them to draw their wishes on paper and later we collected them in an exhibition.”

“We want this event to be an opportunity for rich people and good doers who attend the exhibition to achieve these children’s dreams”, said Ahang.

Mobile phones, iPads, and clothes were part of the things children drew on pieces of paper with their names attached.

Kirkuk- Orphans draw wishes and dreams on pieces of paper and are displayed within a humanitarian project, April 2, 2019  Photo: Soran Muhammad


75 children took part in the exhibition.  Dilan Omer, member of PAW non-governmental organization believes “it is important that all try to turn these children’s dreams into reality.”

Meanwhile, Darun Yasin who attended the exhibition said, “This is a beautiful and unique project; it is a humanitarian endeavor, and that all should be part of it.”

Despite the low turnout, a substantial amount of funding was collected, as Ahang Muhammad indicated.

“We will continue our projects to serve children; if people cooperate with us, we will launch other projects. Luckily, today we sensed people’s willingness to offer help to the children”, she added.    

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