Kirkuk: Police arrest a man charged with murdering his son over drug addiction

Kirkuk- A mosque located in the center of the city   Photo: Bnar Sardar

Karwan Salhi- Kirkuk

Police in Kirkuk’s eastern sub-district of Laylan have found the body of a 33-year-old-man dumped in nearby forest.

Police earlier arrested the father of the dead man who admitted of involvement in murdering his own son, according to sources.

Zana Nawzad, who lived in central Kirkuk’s al-Hurriya neighborhood, disappeared two weeks ago. Police interrogations with his relatives eventually led to a shocking confession by his father who admitted that he stabbed Zana to death, put his body in a barrel and dumped it near Laylan with the help of another person.

Zana’s body was found on Monday, May 6, by a team from Laylan police station.

A member of the investigation team said that the father claimed that he murdered his son “for being addicted to drugs.”

In his confessions, the father said he wanted to “save his family and the people from his evil”, according to the sources.


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