Iraqi parliamentary committee suggests increase in incentives to encourage return of IDPs

Iraq- Sand storm inflicts damages on an IDP camp near Mosul, 2018  Photo: KirkukNow


The Iraqi parliament’s labor and migration committee announced plans to form permanent committees to inspect the situation in IDP camps across the country; meanwhile, it is laying out a proposal to increase the sum of financial incentives given to displaced families to encourage their return. The proposal is due to be put to a vote by the council of ministers.

Committee member Hussein Narmo said in an exclusive statement to KirkukNow that "the committees are due to be formed before the end of the current legislative term”, adding that “inspection tours of the IDP camps aimed to inquire about the living condition of displaced families will take place in coordination with the ministries of immigration and labor and social affairs.”

He explained that the move is also aimed to provide relevant authorities in the federal government with necessary information to speed up the return of IDPs to their home areas.

He added that an agreement has been reached with the ministry of migration and displacement to endorse a proposal to raise the sum of financial incentives already given to families willing to return from 1.5 million Iraqi dinars (approximately US$ 1200) to 2.5 million (approximately US$ 2,000), noting that the proposal will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for a vote.

Hussein Narmo indicated that most displaced families do not have smart cards; therefore the ministry of migration will open special centers to make such cards to IDPs to facilitate the distribution of the financial incentives.  

He explained that several ministries will be involved in the process including the ministries of electricity, health, education, oil and trade.


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