Kirkuk: Woman arrested for involvement in husband’s murder

Kirkuk- A main street of the city   Photo: KirkukNow


Police in Kirkuk arrested a woman for allegedly planning her husband’s murder.

A source from the police department told KirkukNow that the 20-year-old woman has confessed of conspiring with another man to commit the crime.

On Thursday, August 8, a man was found dead in his house in Kirkuk’s Nasr neighborhood. His 18-month-old daughter was also injured. Police arrested the wife on the same day.

The source, who spoke to KirkukNow on condition of anonymity, said the woman has admitted of “planning to kill her husband with the help of her lover.”

“The woman’s accomplice is a contractor. On the night of the crime he fired three shots, two of them hit the husband who immediately died, while the third one hit the daughter,” the source added.

Soon after the incident, the contractor fled the scene, while the woman took her daughter to hospital and claimed she was injured by a piece of glass.

The source indicated that the doctors at the hospital suspected her claims and immediately informed the security of the hospital.

According to police investigations, the weapon used in the crime belonged to the contractor who shot the man himself; however, the woman said they both were involved in the killing,” the source said.

 The case has been referred to a Kirkuk court which issued arrest warrant against the woman and her alleged accomplice who is on the run.

An eyewitness said the woman’s husband died immediately at the scene and that the daughter is said to be in stable condition.


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