2 civilians killed, 7 injured in triple bomb blasts in Kirkuk

Kirkuk- One of the wounded receiving treatment in hospital, September 8, 2019 


The death toll from Sunday’s bombing in Kirkuk rose to 2 after another victim died of his wounds in a hospital on Monday morning.

“Nine injured were brought to Kirkuk hospitals, 7 of them are still under medical care but their condition is stable; meanwhile 2 of the victims died of injuries sustained in the bombings,” Dr. Karim Wali, head of Kirkuk Directorate of Health told KirkukNow.

Three bomb explosions struck different parts of central Kirkuk on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Brigadier General Afrasyaw Kamil earlier told KirkukNow that the blasts occurred in the al-Khadhra and Wahid Huzayran neighborhoods and Abdul-Rahman.

He added that security forces managed to defuse another bomb planted in another Kirkuk neighborhood.

The explosions came two days ahead of the annual religious commemorations of Ashura in Kirkuk and other Iraqi provinces.


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