Kirkuk: The Turkmen Front urges supporters to stage protests  

Kirkuk- Supporters of the Turkmen Front hold a rally to protest results of the May 2018 general elections   Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salehi- Kirkuk

The Turkmen Front has called on the citizens of Kirkuk to stage protest on Thursday, December 26, in front of the Kirkuk General Directorate of Education, to demand fair employment opportunities for the different components of the multi-ethnic province.

The call was announced at a press conference held at the main office of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk.

According to the Turkmen Front statement, (Kirkuk Now) obtained a copy of it saying, “We urge all citizens to gather before the Kirkuk General Directorate of Education on Thursday at ten a.m. to call for the implementation of the 32% power distribution scheme in the allocation of government jobs for the diverse ethnic groups of Kirkuk and devote part of the new appointment to fill the needs of Turkmen education schools,” according to the front’s statement.

The Turkmen Front also called for revealing the mechanism which will be adopted in the distribution of government jobs allocated for the districts, districts as well as the center of Kirkuk.

Officials of the Turkmen Front say they believe Turkmens were subjected to most injustices among the other ethnic groups of the province.

“In the past years, a large number of Kurdish teachers were appointed within the Kirkuk Directorate of Education; meanwhile, hundreds of teachers of Arab ethnicity were appointed under former education minister Muhammad Tamim on the pretext were marginalized by the previous administration in Kirkuk,” the statement added.

The Turkmen Front stressed that equality should pursued in the distribution of the government jobs on the basis of the 32% power distribution scheme.

Earlier, Abd Ali Tu’ma, head of the Kirkuk directorate of education told KirkukNow that the lists of applicants to be appointed within the directorate will be announced on Thursday, December 26 .

The Director General of Education in Kirkuk added that on Thursday, December 26, the names of those admitted, the names of those who were refused appointment, and the reasons will be announced.

In late August this year, the Kirkuk general directorate of education launched electronic application forms for over 2,800 jobs.

More than 84,000 people applied for the jobs  before the filling process ended on September 15.


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