Kirkuk crude oil exports in December 2019

Kirkuk 2014, North Oil Company. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Kirkuk Now- Kirkuk

According to the ministry of oil, the total crude oil Iraq exported in December 2019 was 106 million barrels, making a revenue of $six billion and 700 million dollars to the country.

Asim Jihad, spokesperson of the ministry, has revealed that in last December, from Kirkuk oil fields, two million, 827 thousand and 50 barrels were exported, equal to 91 thousand barrel per day, through Kirkuk- Jihan pipeline.

At the same month, 347 thousand and 707 barrels were exported through trucks to Jordan in accordance with Iraq and Jordan agreement.

The price of Iraqi crude oil per barrel was $63.051 in last December.

Previously, Kirkuk oil export to Turkey decreased by 800 thousand barrels only in two months and each barrel was sold at a price of $59.

Ministry of oil’s data shows that more than three million and 166 thousand barrels of oil in September, two million and 579 thousand in October and two million and 381 thousand in November have been exported.

The Iraqi oil ministry announced a plan last year in which the ministry would increase crude oil export to a million barrel per day in Kirkuk.

From July 2017 to early months of 2019, oil exports from the five major oil fields in Kirkuk stopped because of the conflict between the federal and regional government.

The two major Kirkuk oil fields, Havana and Bai Hassan were under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which exported 250 thousand barrels of oil per day from the two fields.

Since the withdrawal of Kurdish forces on October 16, 2017 in Kirkuk, the federal government has controlled Kirkuk oil fields which are Havana, Bai Hassan, Khabaza, Jambor and Qubai Baba.

Kirkuk and other deputed areas came under the control of federal government through a military operation which reimposed federal authority and forced Kurdish forces to withdraw from the areas.

In 2018, prior to federal government agreement with KRG to export Kirkuk oil through Jihan pipeline, Iraqi government exported 30 to 60 thousand barrel of oil per day to Iran through trucks.


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