Medications sent to cancer patients in Mosul

Nineveh, a Mosul citizen is receiving cancer treatment. Photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow- Nineveh

Mosul health directorates in Nineveh announced the provision of 70 percent of cancer medications amid lack of medications and medical services.

Earlier, cancer patients in Mosul asked for medication and medical services through KirkukNow.

According to statistics of health institutions, 70 percent of cancer medication are provided to the patients.

The Mosul Cancer hospital, located in the west bank of the city, was one of the special hospitals in Iraq and the Arab region that provided cancer treatments. However, two sections of the hospital were completely destroyed in the ISIS battle in 2016.

Abdul Qadir Salim, head of the hospital, said, “the renovation and opening of the hospital will take three years and the renovation process is in progress.”

One third of the cancer cases recorded in the province is women breast cancer, followed by lung cancer, but among children there are brain, leukemia and thyroid gland tumor cancer according on Nineveh health directorate in 201

In September 2018, Nineveh health directorate opened a section in Ibin Sinah that would accommodates 40 cancer patients and provides them with chemical treatments.

“90 percent of the construction of a cancer treatment center in Al Wahda neighborhood in East Mosul is done and will be opened in a month and a half. At that time, the section at Ibin Sinah will stop operating,” Abdul Qadir added.

In Mosul, doctors believe that fear, explosion sound, war trauma and weather are reasons for the increased number of cancer patients.





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